after this manner pray

After This Manner… Pray

The Gospel of Mathew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4.

We have all heard comments on what we as believers know and recognize to be The Lords Prayer found in The Gospel of Mathew 6:9-13 and also in Luke 11:2-4.

Most of us have heard some say that the Lord Jesus didn’t mean for us to pray this prayer verbatim and that He (Jesus) only gave us these words to be used as a model or a pattern of what prayer to our Holy Father should resemble.  

Here’s the thing though… just about everybody that I have heard making this statement, never seem to get around to expounding on or giving you and I expository teaching to help us along.

I’m not about to get into a theological debate about the matter… but, what I will say, is this. And it is that if this is the only prayer that one may know to pray in his or her early stages of Christianity…

Well, by all means, we shouldn’t discourage people from doing so.

The scripture teaches us that if we pray anything in God’s will, He here’s us. 1st John 5:14

The Purpose Or Take-Away From This Mornings Lesson.

So, this morning by the grace of the Lord Jesus and the anointing of the Holy Spirit I wish to impart some gift to you concerning prayer and your intimacy with God our Father.

If the Lord permits me too, I’m going to go through each verse of this prayer pattern the Lord has given to us and share how the Holy Spirit has taught me to incorporate other passages of scripture using this pattern to become more efficient, specific and relevant when praying.

No Prayer, No Power.

Please don’t be misled…It is through prayer that we come into the knowledge of God’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Look at Colossians 1:9

Prayer must become our lifestyle. We can’t afford to go on just letting prayer be something that we do when we are in trouble, and expect God to wave his hand and the trouble is gone.

Nor, can it any longer be something that we do when we just want the things of this world from God either. But as I have stated… Prayer has to become a lifestyle and for the most part a secret lifestyle. Listen, Jesus said it this way. When you pray, pray to the Father in secret and He will reward us openly. Mathew 6:6

Am I saying that all prayer should and must be done in secret? The answer is no… See Solomon’s prayer in 1st Kings 8:22

Yet I do believe that without that time of secrecy with God, we will never develop an intimate, effectual and fervent lifestyle of prayer.

I tend to agree with Hank Hanegraaff when he says that the secret too prayer is “Secret Prayer”.

For those of you who are not familiar with Hank Hanegraaff, he is known as the bible answer man, he’s an accomplished Christian Book Author and radio talk show host.

And let us keep in mind that prayer is to bring us into conformity with God’s will, not to bring God into the conformity of ours.  A proper and effective life of prayer must begin with honoring and glorifying God and it most certainly must end with honoring and glorifying God.

Intimacy, Adoration, Worship, Reverence, Dependency, Surrender and Exaltation.

Listen, saints when we pray the Lord’s prayer we touch on every type of petition needed for our daily lives. We begin with worship, we ask God for guidance, we yield to our Fathers will, we ask for petitions, we ask for forgiveness, we seek victory over sin and we also find ourselves in spiritual warfare in which we ask for protection from the wicked one the devil.

Three Levels of The Lord’s Prayer.

There are noticeably three levels of the Lord’s Prayer.

  1. First, there is the “lip level” which mean we let our petitions flow over our lips, whether softly spoken or prayed out loud. The ‘lip level” focuses our mind and bodies.
  2. The second dimension is the “mind level” when we pray the Lord’s Prayer inwardly. This is when we can pray the Lord’s Prayer when we are doing a task that requires little to no thought—it’s whenever our minds belong to us. Note: We should get into the practice of filling it (our minds with God) Refer to Isaiah 26:3.
  3. Third, there is the “heart level”. This is the cry of intimate passion or deep love. This kind of passionate prayer is usually and should be done privately because the face most often reflects the heart. This is why God wants us to exercise self-control because it’s not always appropriate to cry, smile or laugh in all places or on all occasions. Ecclesiastes 3:4

It is very important to pray at all three levels.

Decide how you’re going to begin to incorporate the Lord’s Prayer into your daily routine when the alarm goes off in the morning. On your commute to work, while you’re at work, and in your private time.

Commit this The Lord’s Prayer to memory and begin to meditate on each of the seven petitions and what they mean to you… are you in agreement with God as to what these passages of scripture are saying and what specifically do you desire from our Father?

Seven Results to Expect When Praying The Lord’s Prayer.

When we pray the Lord’s Prayer daily and fervently, there are seven things that we can expect to change in our lives and redirect our future.

  1. We will firstly magnify God each day. This is where “Hallowed be thy Name” come into play. As we magnify and worship God we grow as Christians and the more that we learn of God the more comfortable we are in his presence and the more we learn what he as a Father expects from us, His children.
  2. Secondly, we will live by better principles when we pray ”Thy Kingdom Come” We are asking God to bring His kingdom principles and His kingdom agenda into our daily lives. Which result in us living better lives under God’s rule and authority.
  3. Third God will give us guidance for the day. When we pray “Thy will be done” We are asking God to lead and guide us into His plan and purpose for our life.
  4. The fourth result of praying in this manner…We receive more answers from God. Although to pray it one time is not enough. We must pray in this manner constantly, correctly and confidently. See Hebrew 11:6
  5. Fifth it make us feel clean. When you and I pray the Lord’s Prayer and ask God “Forgive our Debts” we not only receive forgiveness, but we know that we have been forgiven. We experience forgiveness and we feel forgiven.

And listen, there is nothing wrong with a good, good feeling to go along with the truth that you already know.

  1. The Sixth thing is that the Lord’s Prayer gives us victory. Everyone in their right minds wants to be able to rise above the circumstances and challenges of life and be victorious over problems. When we pray “Lord lead us not into temptation…” we are asking God to keep us away from situations that will destroy us. See James 1:13

The scripture that constantly comes to my mind when I utter the words “Lord lead us not into temptation…” is this. Lord give me the ability to cast down imagination and every high thing that attempts to exalt itself above your knowledge and allow me to bring every thought into captivity and under the obedience of Jesus Christ. 2nd Corinthians 10:5

  1. The last and Seventh Petition gives us protection. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer “ Deliver us from evil and the evil one” We receive God’s divine protection around and in our life. Jesus has promised to never leave us or forsake us. Hebrews 13:5 and Deuteronomy 31:6 Psalms 91:11

This is the petition that I am reminded also of the “whole armor of God”. Ephesians 6:11-18 This too is scripture that I personally recommend that every believer commits to memory and incorporate into your daily prayer.


After all, is said and done… Prayer must begin with God as the central focus and it must end with Him (God) as the central focus. It’s really all about Him. See Colossians 1:16-18 So when we pray let us be sure to keep that in mind. It is He that deserves all honor and the praise and the glory.

He can do anything!

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