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Hey, it's me Felton T, a man of God that cares about your salvation and your ability to be free and serve God as he has called you and me to do. Read about my testimony here.

How to Be Free to Serve Others

Knowing the secret of how to be free to serve others is revealed in the ability to be free of ourselves more than any other freedoms we experience. Learning how

you get what you say

Using Our Words Right… You Get What You Say!

Using Our Words Right… You Get What You Say! Hello, and welcome to this episode of The Speak Life Today Viddcast. I’m your host, Felton Thompkins, Gospel Minister and Ambassador

find freedom in love

How to Find Freedom in Love?

Most of us don’t think we have a problem with the love game. We don’t believe that we need to know how to find freedom in love. As a matter

freedom from pornography

Can We Find Freedom From Pornography?

The only way that we can find freedom from pornography is to admit that pornography is a sin and that it damages the human soul. We have provocative images all

Freedom from alcohol abuse

Finding Freedom from Alcohol Abuse

Finding freedom from alcohol abuse is one of the most common problems in just about every culture and generation. That’s probably because the use of alcohol is not considered to

Finding Freedom to Forgive

Finding the freedom to forgive those that have done wrong to us is the ultimate act of love. I’m willing to Forgive but I Won’t Forget. Have you ever said

how to break fre from drugs

How To Get Freedom From Drugs

The ability to get freedom from drugs can be one of the hardest habits to be rid of for a lot of folks all over and around the world. It

Freedom from Ourselves

Freedom From Ourselves…

The title of this article had to be changed from “freedom from yourself” to “freedom from ourselves.” Do you wish to know why? Here’s why… Well, after I thought about

identity of a child of God

Free To Be You… Your True Identity in Christ

Free to be you, and free to be what God has created you for really speaks to your true identity in Christ more than anything else. If you are anything like me…

5 Least Quoted… Yet Dynamic Proverbs

  Although these 5 proverbs may be of the least quoted… they are dynamic proverbs in the wisdom, insight, and instruction that they provide to you and me as believers.