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Can We Find Freedom From Pornography?

The only way that we can find freedom from pornography is to admit that pornography is a sin and that it damages the human soul.

We have provocative images all around us and we are faced with the challenge of maintaining pure thoughts at every turn.

From the television to the grocery store and especially the internet with its social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest just to name a few…

We have been inundated, bombarded and desensitized to what was once considered lude and lascivious to calling it normal behavior.

Is There Such a Thing As Sexual Purity Anymore?

I remember a time when sexual purity was considered a virtue… But in today’s culture and society, it’s frowned upon.

This is no exaggeration… Let me tell you how I know.

Well, a couple of years ago I was working with a group of guys… And being new to the job, as men we try to find out a little something about one another.

And of course with men, the subject of women and sex always finds its way into the conversation.

I’m sure this happens with women as well. But with men, it’s probably a lot more often.

So, I remember one of the guys asking if I was married or did I have a lady friend?

I told him no… And I went on to tell him that I wasn’t looking for one at the time either.

Well to cut to the chase… This guy was in his early 30s and from his expression, I don’t believe that he had ever heard a man say that in his presence before.

From his expression and look of disdain… You would have thought I had three eyes or something.

He like most don’t believe in sexual purity anymore.

My First Encounter With Pornography

Just as I can remember my first encounter with marijuana. I can also vividly remember my first encounter with porn.

I can tell you where I was, and I’m just about as sure of who I was with also.

The park in the neighborhood that I grew up in had this wooded area that all of us would hide in to do things that we should not have been doing.

Every neighborhood has a place like this… Yet It’s not always a wooded place, but.a place where we would go to learn the secrets of the dark.

Pornography is one of the darkest secrets that we as men keep. At least from the women in our lives anyway.

But sometimes pornography can be so deceptive that we will be so bold that we will try to get our women involved in this madness.

Back to my first encounter…

The first time that I looked at porn I was hooked and even today I have to really put my eyes on a strict diet and be careful of what I look at.

I was addicted to porn so much that I boasted about indulging in it as though it was some type of badge of honor to be worn around my neck.

Porn had me locked in so deep that I would indulge in this fantasy world two or three times a day.

freedom from pornography

The Dangers of Pornographic Materials

First, it starts with the magazine’s and pictures and then it escalates to the headphones and videos.

And with some men, it leads them to the strip clubs.

Don’t let anyone tell you that pornography is innocent fun… Because it’s not.

Pornography is an addiction that has to be fought one victory at a time, and because we live in a media-crazed society victory is not easy.

Freedom From Pornography Comes With A Price.

The reason that I say freedom from pornography comes with a price is that you’re going to have to learn to say no to the things that you have been saying yes to.

It seems like all of the bad habits that we are trying to change are always so visible…

So, what I mean by that is if you are trying to quit drinking and you like to watch sports on television. Guess what?

Yeah, you guessed it…here comes the beer commercial with the folks having fun at the bar or frolicking at the beach.

There’s no escape…

So what you will have to do is decide what’s most important to you.

I had to make a choice like that when I was at a place called the Freedom Farm in Jacksonville, FL.

God set it up where I could choose if he was important or were the activities at the farm such as television, the pool table or other various desires were more important.

I chose GOD

To be free from porn or any other addiction I believe fasting from Television, and the Internet is a must for anyone who wishes to be free.

If at all possible fast from all types of electronic devices where there is access to the world of media… Sorry but this also may include your cellphone.

We Can No Longer Gloss Over Porn Addiction.

Pornography addiction is real and it destroying relationships and marriages all over the globe.

Pornography is one of those dirty little hidden secrets that I believe every man has a battle with or will have to contend with at some point in life.

Although it’s not such a little secret anymore, because women are speaking out against it more and more these days. 

And coming from a former porn addict…I’m really glad for them.

This thing called porn addiction is not to be taken lightly either… You see when a man indulges in pornographic maternal he’s actually cheating on his wife or girlfriend if he has one.

So, you say how is that cheating?

Well, look at it this way… if it’s not cheating, why are you hiding it from her? Hmmm

Pornography is not only cheating it robs us of healthy and vibrant sex with our partners… I do mean the sex between the husband and wife.

How We Get Addicted To Porn

Getting addicted to pornography is easy as… I heard one put it… Porn addiction is as easy as falling off a piece of slick ice.


can we get freedom from pornography
We can win with one victory at a time

It only takes one encounter with porn and most of us men are subject to continue to go back to it every chance we get.

Click here to get a free reading sample of “Every Man’s Battle” and start winning the war over sexual temptations.


The Dangers of Pornographic Materials

There’s a specific danger when porn is in a person’s life.

Pornography opens the door for sexual desires that are not realistic. 

The reason that I say that is because what we are looking at on the computer screen or in the magazines are not realistic in nature. The pictures are all made up in more ways than one.

Most of if not all of the women in the magazines have perfect skin and perfect bodies… Not really though

The women that we look upon in the magazines are sprayed with makeup to make them look like they have no blemishes at all. Everyone has a blemish somewhere.

Pornography also opens the door to other demonic activity just as any other sin in our lives do.

Pornography is not a sin that only affects men… but porn affects millions of women in our society as well.

We all are subject to the lust of the eyes, and the Bible says in one part that the eyes are never satisfied.

For us men, this is a problem that we don’t see as a problem when it comes to looking at beautiful women.

We have all used the excuse for lusting after a woman… It’s nothing wrong with looking of we don’t touch.”

This is one of the biggest lies that Satan has tricked us into believing.

The Lord Jesus said if we look at a woman with lust that we have committed adultery in our heart already.

The thing about that though is that adultery is acceptable in our crooked and perverse society. That’s a discussion for another time though.

The Destruction That Pornography Can Cause.

The destruction that pornography can cause is massive…

Porn has a destructive effect on our relationships as well as in our souls.

Our brains are like supercomputers. The human brain has the ability to store huge amounts of information.

The images that we allow into our eyesight are stored in our memories for a long time. And they are not easy to replace either.

Pornography can destroy our ability to see women in a healthy and realistic way.

Pornography addiction has also destroyed many relationships and marriages

As I said indulging in pornographic materials is the same as cheating on your spouse.

You see with pornography there’s another sinful act that I haven’t mentioned yet… And that’s the sin of masturbation.

I mean masturbating is inevitably the next thing that will take place when viewing porn.

Masturbation becomes a habitual sin along with the habit of indulging in pornographic materials.

It seems to be a never-ending cycle of depravity… and it is until we can come to the knowledge of the truth we will continue to be stuck.

We Must See Porn The Way God Views Porn.

Anytime that we attempt to have our needs met outside of the will and design that God has ordained… it is a sin.

Pornography and masturbation are ranked right up there with every other thing that we do to get our needs fulfilled outside of God’s way.

It’s time for us to call a spade a spade and admit to ourselves that pornography and masturbation hurt us all directly and indirectly.

It hurts us directly because it damages our souls and keeps us from having healthy sexual desires.

It’s hurting us indirectly when we don’t know that our spouses are ensnared by this sin and we believe that we are the cause of the problem

Many women have struggled with thinking that they are not beautiful enough or they are not sexy enough in the bedroom.

It’s not the wife’s fault that her husband turns to porn. Many husbands and boyfriends are deep into pornography before they get involved with their girlfriends or wives.

It’s as the book that I highly recommended is titled… “Every Man’s Battle.” The struggle with sexual temptations sets in long before a couple becomes a couple. 

So, how does God view this… Is it something that he winks at and says it’s not so bad?

I don’t think so…

Sin is sin and every sin is an abomination to God.

We must develop a love for God that’s greater than our love for sin.

Let me be a bit more transparent for the remainder of this piece.

I have made a commitment with the help of the Holy Spirit to not talk at my friends and followers.

I say that because I believe people are helped more when they know someone has had the same type of challenges that they are faced with.

With that being said… Let me tell you about how God convicted my heart concerning pornography.

Here’s A Little Story About My Porn Addiction and the Freedom from It.

About six years ago I found myself drowning in a life of alcohol, beer, cigarettes, and porn.

You can read more about that here in my testimony.

As I mentioned before I had the opportunity to spend some time down at the Freedom Farm in Jax. Florida.

That’s when God the Holy Spirit convicted me like never before concerning putting eyes on porn.

I remember it so vividly like it was yesterday. That’s when I discovered that I loved pleasing God more than I enjoyed sin.

The Words of Freedom.

God’s word is powerful and it really can change a life. The word of God’s power is extremely extraordinary.

The verse of scripture that God used to start me down the path to freedom from pornography is found in Romans 13:14.

“But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh to fulfill the lust thereof.”

I know for sure that I had read that verse of scripture before. But that time it jumped out at me and I got a new understanding.

God the Holy Spirit spoke to me so profoundly at that moment it caused me to memorize the verse easier than I have remembered any other verse that I can recall.

At least it seemed so at the time…

But here is one thing that I know for sure… and it is that if you and I don’t make provisions for the flesh.

That is to say… If we don’t put ourselves in the position to sin or in other words feed the flesh…we will not sin.

The Bible tells us that we are to abstain from youthful lust. And what this means is that we who are mature in the faith should be wise enough to see trouble coming and hide from it.

We have to stop giving ourselves the opportunity to sin… In other words, we have to be careful of what we click on the internet and with our television remote controls as well.

Three Things To Help You Stay Away From Pornography.

 Before I give you the three tips, I have one more thing to share with you… This is something that happened a few days before I published this post.

If you are a New England Football Patriots fan or not, you have probably heard about Robert Kraft.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is being charged with two counts of soliciting another to commit prostitution stemming from a raid in a day spa in Florida.

Kraft is said to be 77 years of age and evidently is having trouble fleeing youthful lust.

This also proves what the Bible tells us, “the eyes are never satisfied.” There’s a lot to be said about that… But not now.

Let’s look at some things that we can practice to help keep us sexually our in this media-driven society.

1) We can control what we will watch on the television.

Most of our television sitcoms are secular driven. That means morality and ethics are thrown out the window… So to speak.

Sex, violence, and drugs dominate the TV in our culture.

Two ways to be free of it is to sanctify a fast from watching TV from time to time.

And the other thing is to just stop watching it altogether. This one I know is not going to happen for most folks.

But you can determine in your heart that you are going to stop watching the type of programs that solicit immoral behaviors.

2) Learn to control your mouse pointer on your computer and not let it control you.

I used to have some of my favorite porn sites bookmarked on my computer. I deleted them all. Maybe that’s something that you should consider doing as well.

3) Stop making excuses for lusting after beautiful women…

I used to make excuses like this… I would say stuff like God made a beautiful thing for us to look at and enjoy…

This is one of the devil’s best.tricks to get us to dishonor our Father in heaven.

He did the same thing to Eve in the garden by sprinkling a lie with some truth and perverting the gospel of peace.

Of course, there are many other things that we can do to make sure that we do be overtaken be the lures of pornography.

But try this for now and meditate on the unadulterated word of God and you will find your self on the road to freedom no matter what sin is so easily besetting you.


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