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Every man needs a godly woman

Have you ever wondered why the Bible refers to wisdom as a woman in the book of Proverbs? I have…and that’s why I say every man needs a godly woman. A godly woman is an enormous treasure for any man to acquire.

Say unto wisdom, you are my sister!

Not every boy growing up has the joy and sometimes pain of having a big sister.

Big sisters are a unique treasure in the lives of some boys when they are growing up. Although sometimes it’s not recognized or appreciated until some years later in one’s life.

Listen, men, if you have a big sister or even a younger sister, treasure her.

But that’s not what I will be writing about in this article. So, let me get back to the question that I asked earlier in the article.

“Have you ever wondered why God refers to wisdom as a woman in the Proverbs”?

Take a look at this verse for example.

Say to wisdom,”You are my sister”, and call understanding a close relative, so that they may keep you from the adulterous woman, from the loose woman who flatters you with her words. Proverbs 7:4-5

Every man needs a godly woman

A sister knows better than you do.

I’m not sure if you have realized this or not, but I have found through the years that outside of Jesus, women are the greatest gift to mankind that God has graced us with.

Now I also realize that you may be saying to yourself that I must be absolutely crazy for saying something like that in the public arena. But please bear with me for a moment. I think I’m going somewhere with this.

A thought about why wisdom and women go hand in hand.

Okay, think about this with me… Now, this is really to be looked at from a male perspective though. But ladies I believe that you will like this as well. So, please keep reading…

Here’s the scenario. If two people were making the same presentation of something in a room filled full of men and one of the presenters were male and the other was a beautiful looking female. You get where I’m going already don’t you?

So, who do you think would get the most attention? I know I don’t have to answer that.

Wisdom and Sisters

Let me just tell you how this thing plays out in my own mind about wisdom and women. You see, here is what comes to my mind when I think about why God personifies wisdom as a sister or a woman. And truly there are a few things that I want to point out or express to you.

I believe God sees it this way, at least for men anyway. And that is, if you get the women the men will follow. Okay. think about this… When Jesus rose from the grave who was there first? And who did he send first to tell others that He had risen? Yep, women.

Now, speaking of wisdom and sisters. This is something that I had the privilege of experiencing personally. My sister was the oldest of us children. It was six of us. Yeah, you may have guessed 1 girl and 5 boys. She was the boss of us all.

As a big sister, she would always do a once over of all of our so-called girlfriends and for the most part, she was usually right when it came to being a judge of character as it pertained to our female friends…

So you can see why I can relate to this thing about wisdom being a sister. I mean most of us as men ought to have sense enough to know by now that if you want to know something about a woman you need to ask a woman. Duh…

Wisdom, godly woman, or both?

Listen, there is no question we all need both. Especially us men. We, men, hate to admit it, but we are slow learners for the most part. God tells us to call wisdom “our sister”. And understanding a close female relative.

Why does he say that?  Well, He tells us in the next verse when He lets us know that only a wise sister can keep you from the adulterous woman, from the loose woman who flatters you with her words. Proverbs 7:5

There is a loose and adulterous woman waiting on every corner searching for someone to trick and trick with.

She’s just waiting to bat those big eyes at the unsuspecting. And she’s looking for the right time to spit venom between your eyes to blind you and keep you from seeing what she is really about.

Her words are enticing, so when she tells you that she loves you, please don’t believe her. She loves no one… Not even herself.

Get to know wisdom and be sure it’s God’s wisdom. Know her as your sister and know understanding as your close relative. They are the only ones that you can fully trust. And remember this. Every man needs a godly woman and make sure that her name is wisdom.

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