how to break fre from drugs

How To Get Freedom From Drugs

The ability to get freedom from drugs can be one of the hardest habits to be rid of for a lot of folks all over and around the world.

It stands to reason that if you are reading this article… it’s because you or someone you know needs help with a sin problem.

I realize that may sound harsh to you… The “sin problem” I mean.

But coming from someone who’s been where you are, or a loved one may be at this time…I honestly know it to be true.

Maybe you don’t want to agree with me at this point, but let’s see if we can agree on a few facts.

1. You need help
2. Nothing that you have tried has helped.
3. Denying that’s there’s a problem has caused more problems.

The list could go on and on… I know this because before I found my freedom from drugs, I also had lots of excuses for what I was doing.

I’m not going to talk to you about stuff that I have only heard from others… That’s not what you need at this point.

I’m not even going to tell you about a bunch of statistics from a bunch case studies from people that you and I don’t know either.

But what I will do is explore some of the root issues of drug use in my own past. 

I truly hope that it will trigger something in you that can help you to be free from addiction.

Accepting is The First Step to Freedom.

I tell people all the time that just because they don’t believe the truth… It doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect them.

The truth is a powerful force and no one can go against it… and truth always comes out on the top.

So, here’s the deal friend… until I admitted that I had a problem with drugs I continued to have a problem with drugs.

My parents used to tell me a long time ago that marijuana is a gateway drug for other drugs… For much stronger drugs.

I didn’t believe them though…

And maybe it won’t lead to using harder or more powerful drugs for everyone. But I do believe it did for me.

I smoked pot for the first time at the age of 14. I can remember where I was just as it was yesterday.

It’s amazing how that when we are doing something wrong we have to hide… Hmmmm.

Picture this…

There I was standing at the edge of the woods with a couple of my neighbors thinking no one saw us. 

But there we were lighting it up for the first time.

The odd thing about that experience is that I didn’t feel a thing then… I didn’t get high.

It was only a couple of years later that I experienced getting high from using marijuana — I can remember that day like it was yesterday as well.

The reason I remember that one so well is because I did it to impress the girl that I was so called dating.

That’s how a lot of us get into things that we shouldn’t be doing. We are all looking to fit in and be accepted or impress the wrong people.

There are many reasons why we pick up bad habits such as smoking, alcohol use, and drug addiction.

All of these things may seem to be fun at the beginning and a lot of the times they are until you wake up and find that you can’t do without them.

No one sets out to be addicted

None of us who have struggled with addictions in the past ever woke up one morning and said to ourselves… “I want to be addicted to drugs.”

As a matter of fact sometimes even when we are addicted the devil has us so blinded that we don’t even see it as an addiction.

As I always say… “When you are walking in the darkness, you can’t see the light”.

Sometimes it takes something or someone to shine the light in the dark places in our life before we can make a change.

As I said no one sets out to be addicted. But once you recognize that you need help and admit to the problem then and only then can your road to recovery begin.

It’s crucial that we stop denying that we are in trouble and confess our sins and then the Lord says that he is faithful and just to cleanse us of all unrighteousness.

Sin is at the root of every addiction

The Bible tells us that we are conceived in sin and that our lives are shaped by the iniquity of this world.

Hold on to your hat we are about to go a little deeper…

Here’s the deal friend, it’s a fact that we come into this world with selfish hearts and as time progress we become even more selfish.

We as human beings will remain selfish until God steps in a change our hearts and give us the grace to change our way of thinking.

Until God changes us everything that we think, do or say will be selfishly motivated.

You see in essence my friend that propensity to be addicted starts with us…we are addicted to ourselves.

We want all of the pleasures of this life and we attempt to have all of our needs met outside of the will of God for our lives.

This is a true saying… If God can get us away from ourselves — he can then do something good with us.

When we operate outside of the will of God… it’s sin.

I can Only Speak From Experience

The word God tells us that a little leaven leavens the whole lump…  Leaven is yeast. 

So you put a little yeast into a lump of dough and it affects the whole lump of dough. 

In other words, little sins lead to big sins. This is the same way it is with drugs of any kind. Especially when drugs are used for recreational purposes.

I started out using marijuana for recreational use and slowly the recreational use became everyday use.

Have you noticed a pattern of this sort in your life?

Listen, it may not be pot smoking… It could be some type of pill… Whatever it is…is it causing problems in your life and in your relationships?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions and you still insist on participating in this activity… You have a problem and you need help today.

It took a long time for me to admit that I had a problem. In fact, it took years before I could admit it. All the while my life was falling apart.

Again my friend if this sounds familiar, don’t fret… There is hope.

I Found Freedom in Christ and You Can Too

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. This is one of the most quoted verses of the Bible.

I have found it to be the absolute truth.

So, when it comes to being made free from any addictive behavior I know that Jesus is willing and able to do what he promises.

Don’t put God in a box because he has many ways to deliver us from our sins and addictions. There is nothing too hard for him.

Today if you need help and freedom from drug addiction and other crippling sins…”Try Jesus.” This may sound a bit cliche’… But Christ can truly deliver.

Listen, I hope this has been of some encouragement to you and if you are in need of any further counsel please check out my resources page here.


The Concluding Thought.

One of the most deceitful thoughts that the enemy of our soul wants us to buy into is the thought that drugs only hurts the person that does them.

While it is true that drug abuse hurts the one that doing the drugs… That’s just part of the story.

Drugs not only hurt the abuser– the drug abuse or addiction hurts our relationships with our friends and loved ones alike.

Drug abuse and addictions cause us to do things, say things and sometimes believe things that we shouldn’t do, say or believe.

Listen,  my friend in need, I know this is probably not the type of article that you expected concerning drug addiction.

And no, I don’t have 3 steps to give you to magically release you from the bondage that you or someone you care about is held captive.

What do have is a Lord that made me free though… And if he did it for me… He Can Do It For You.


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