is money more important than salvation

Is Salvation more important than Money?

Is Salvation more important than Money?

In societies all over the world, you will find that people tend to believe that the Salvation of the Lord is not more important than money.

I’m not sure if this comes to a surprise to you or not?

As a matter of fact, if you are reading this it may not even matter to you one way or the other. But…it should!

If you keep reading you will find out why it should be in just a few moments.

First, let me tell you that I do understand why some may believe that money is more important than salvation.

I mean… I really get it.

I’m reminded of a long while ago, at a time when I was with my ex-wife. My second I might add… 

I remember reading a passage of scripture in the book of Proverbs that goes something like this… 

“How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather be chosen than silver!” Proverbs 16:16.

I remember that so well because after I finished reading it, she got really upset. And needless to say, she was not in agreement with that verse.

But like I say, I get it. I understand that when you have bills to pay and you don’t see a way of paying them… that’s really not the verse of scripture you want to hear.

And yet even the Bible admonishes us as believers that if we see someone that has need of food or clothing, we are to provide those things if we have them near us.

Makes you wonder huh?


What Wisdom and Salvation have in Common.


Wisdom and Salvation seem to be so far apart. I mean what do wisdom and salvation have in common?

Well, to be quite honest they have a lot in common. And the thing that’s most common is that they both come from the same place.

Maybe I should say from the same person?

True wisdom and true salvation only come from God. Yet to many that would be thought of as being too closed minded.

If you don’t receive wisdom and understanding from God you will not recognize that you are in need of salvation.

And without the salvation of the Lord, you can’t have the wisdom of God.

You, see as I said they both come from the same person.

Hear O Israel the LORD our God is one LORD

Surely there’s more than one way to salvation? And I know there have to be several ways to acquire great wisdom.

Isn’t it?

Well, my friend according to the Bible there’s only one name whereby we can receive salvation or be saved.

When the Lord Jesus was asked by his disciples to show them the way to God… 

He made a bold statement when he said to them that he is “the way, the truth, and the life.”

salvation vs moneyBut to top it off he even went on to tell them that no one could come to God unless they went through him.

Over 2000 years ago that statement rattled the chains of the religious elite and everyday folks as well.

Guess what? It still does today.

I have even heard some say that the Bible should be rewritten to be more in line with the way culture or our societies are changing.

That’s a total contradiction to what the world of God teaches.

Don’t add to it… And take nothing away

In the last book of the Bible known as the Revelation. The Lord tells us that we should not add anything or take anything away from the prophecy that has already been written.

You should read it when you get a chance… because not only does he instruct us not to add or take away from the word of God–he also tells us what happens if we do so.

You can find it in the last book, last chapter and pretty much in the last few verses of Revelation 22:18-19

I’m not sure about you, but after reading it for myself, I don’t think I want to be the one to go against God.

So, with that being said…

What Does Jesus say about Money?

Truth be told money and possessions are the second most talked about subject throughout the word of God. 

So, no doubt money and possessions are important to God as well as it is with us… But on a totally different level though.

As it is written, “God’s thoughts are not our thoughts.”

And this takes us back to the question of whether salvation is more important than money?

As I mentioned money is discussed in many parts of the Bible and in the illustrations that the Lord gives us, he never hints that debt is a good thing either.

But he also doesn’t encourage us to chase after money and possessions either.

One of the most powerful verses in the word of God is the one where Jesus admonishes us to seek first the Kingdom of God and his right way of doing things and everything else will be added to our lives. Mathew 6:33

The trouble with our understanding of this promise is that we are motivated by the getting of things rather than seeking the Kingdom of God.

We should not use God to get things but we should use things to worship him.

Like I say… I get it.

Here’s the real deal though… we often make choices concerning the money that we have in our possession that is not wise.

Here’s is where wisdom and salvation meet.

So, you still don’t see what wisdom and salvation have to do with each other…huh?

First, the Bible tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Proverbs 9:10

Ah hah, it’s starting to make sense now. But let me go a little further with this.

You see the word fear in that verse means to tremble, be in awe, to be terrified… It also means to respect or reverence.

When it comes to God we should be respectful to him above anything or anyone.

Not of any Private Interpretation.

The word of God expresses that the bible that you and I are reading is not the work of man. I mean God used man to write it of course.

But the men were moved by the Holy Spirit of God and they penned what He wanted them to write.

The odd thing about that is that most unbelievers and believers alike believe that it’s not free of errors.

My personal belief on that is found in Psalm 19:7-8 The law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul… But wait–keep reading it gets better and better.

As the verses go on to say, … The testimony.of the Lord is sure making wise the simple.

Verse 8 tells us… The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart, the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.

Wow! That’s a lot of good and it all comes to us in the way of salvation.

You see when we are saved not only do receive eternal life…as if that isn’t enough.

But we as the believer and follower of Christ we get everything pertaining to life and godliness. In other words with our salvation comes everything and the kitchen sink.

Seven things that come with Salvation

1. We are forgiven of our sins.

2. We are born again.

3.  You and I are new creations in Christ.

4. The Spirit of God fills us and lives inside of us for eternity.

5. Now, are we the children of God.

6. We receive an inheritance from God.

7. We are no longer separated from God and we receive eternal life.

These are just a few of the benefits of being a child of God. There are many more…

And yet these benefits were bought for us at a very high price. Maybe I will discuss that in the near future.

But for now, let us look into this…


Does Life get Easier when you get Saved?

Some people misrepresent the gospel of Jesus by leading people to believe that life will get easier when they get saved.

The truth is life is hard on us all and the main thing that we should understand about salvation is that while it keeps us from going to hell for eternity.

Being saved will give us a better way to understand and to deal with the hardest seasons of our lives.

That leads me to this thought and this promise that God always keep. And it is that for the child of God– God will always cause all things to work together for good in our lives. Romans 8:28

What about the Money though?

When we get saved we are still just as ignorant about the things of God as we were before we got saved.

The bible has a remedy for that though. You can find it in Romans 12:1-2 and also 2nd Timothy 2:15 Study to show thyself approved unto God…

Only by studying the word of God will you and I come to the knowledge of the truth about money or anything else.

Now Let’s Talk About Money and Possessions.

Jesus said that it profits nothing to gain the whole world and lose our souls.

In another place, the word of God tells us not to set our hearts on riches because they will take on wings and fly away.

I’ll let this be the proof that salvation is more important than money.

Why is that you say?

Think about it… Your salvation is forever, but your money will most likely run out or fly away.

Life should reflect the Salvation of the Lord.

If salvation is more important than money to me or you… our lives should be a reflection of it.

So, what do I mean by that?

Before I give you the answer to that let first say that the Salvation of the Lord is a personal experience.

None of us knows the heart of another person as the Lord does. We can only go by what we see and hear from other people.

Yet, that does not always tell the full story.

Many of us have done and said things that do not reflect the gratitude that we have for our salvation.

But that does not mean that we have lost our salvation or that we are not saved.

The Bible teaches us that God does not repent of the gifts and callings that he has given to us. Romans 11:29

That means that he does not change his mind for calling us and saving us and when we miss the mark aka “sin against him” He does not forfeit our salvation.

Once you and I are truly saved, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit of God and saved for eternity.

So, how should our lives reflect our salvation?

Here are a few things that will reflect our salvation inwardly and outwardly.

Let’s start with the inward transformation. 

1. You will be convicted of your sins. John 16:8

2. You will begin to have a hunger and thirst after righteousness. Mathew 5:6

3. You will begin to see the contrast between God’s way and the way of the world. Romans 12:1-2

4. Our hearts are changing to be more generous and less selfish. Mathew 5:7

Here are just a few things that also change outwardly.

First of all, before I continue let me just state my disclaimer. And it is that just because people are doing things that look good doesn’t mean much if the heart isn’t in it. 1st Cor 13

We must also keep in mind that it’s not our Good Deeds that gets us to heaven or that saves us. We are saved by grace alone through faith. You can find out more about that topic in Sirs What Must I Do To Be Saved.


Now, back to the outward changes


You may have a change in the way that you dress.

Some of us will have a drastic change in the words that we use… I guess we could classify that as an outward change. Huh?

We stop going to some of the places that we frequented.

We stop hanging out with some of the people that we used to hang out with or they stop wanting to hang out with us as new believers of Jesus Christ.

There are a lot of changes that we could talk about. But you get the point.

Oh, and another thing that I would like to clear up…

Some folks think that just because we get saved, that God wants us to stop having fun and enjoying our lives. That’s far from the truth.

Jesus said that he came that we might have life and have life more abundantly.

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