A truth that never ends

The Truth That Never Ends

When it comes to evergreen content and the truth the never ends, nothing will stand the test of time as the word of God will.

I became acquainted with the term evergreen content while reading an article written by the renowned author and content marketer Julia McCoy.

Julia is the Founder and CEO of Express Writers.com and if you are one that is interested in Content Marketing I strongly suggest that you get yourself acquainted with her work. I personally think that the young lady is brilliant.

But back to the true evergreen content. “The infallible Word of God”. The scripture tells us that Heaven and earth shall pass away, but the word of God shall stand forever. Now that’s evergreen content.


I suppose that this particular article will be what one can also call evergreen content because it is content that declares a truth that will never end.

I truly love that about the word of God. And the more that I dive into it (the Word of God) the more that I am convinced that it is the truth and that nothing can be taken away from it, and it’s best if we do not attempt to add to it, lest we are found to be liars. Proverbs 30:5-6.

You see the word of God does not need to be added too nor does anything need to be subtracted from the promises that are found therein.

The promises that are found in the word of God are sufficient enough to fulfill every need and want that any of us can desire. The Bible declares that God’s grace is sufficient enough for us all. 2Nd Corinthians 12:9  

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